People have been playing rugby for so many years. The origin or invention of the game is not one that can be easily determined as different scholars have come up with different dates. Some say it started around 215 AD with the Greeks and Romans. Others say the game started in the modern times, around 1930, before going international between 1950 and 1960. However, the game has become quite popular nowadays, and so many events are being organised for fans to watch the game.

Glossop RUFC

A specific club in England has become quite a master in the art of rugby is the Glossop RUFC, located in Charlesworth. This team, whose origin dates back a couple of decades, has really been a huge deal in the rugby world. More than 70% of the games in which they have played, they have emerged as winners. All the credit goes to their head coach, Mr. Lee Pickerel, who has really devoted himself to inspiring the players to play for a greater purpose. Any player would tell you how much they love this man because of his outstanding guidance and support.

Team Training and Admittance

He has inspired so many players and helped them understand that they should not only play for the money or the fame, but also for the thrill and love of the game; after all, the thrill can take one places the best drugs cannot. According to the coach, the team embarks on training every Tuesdays and Thursdays and anyone is welcome to join. One need not go far to decide whether this club is the best fit for them. Sitting in a stadium where the team is playing, and watching them practice on their skills does the trick.

The town of Charlesworth lives in such harmony, and people like to help each other grow. This club has done just the same because, they are able to provide jobs to the players and in return, they are supported, either by sponsors or spectators.