The game of rugby is one that has surpassed and conquered the interest of so many people. Not only players, but many citizens are always fascinated by the game. It seems a little bit dangerous to many: how the players tackle each other while in the field, but while watching, many would say nothing beats the sport.

Glossop RUFC is one team that has attracted so many people, including sponsors, who after watching the team play, just want to support the club and move it ahead. It is located in England, where the game is one of the leading sports in the country. They have representation by so many teams who love and just want to play the sport either as a recreational activity or professionally.

Team Coach

The team has done hard training twice in a week, in their efforts to come out on top. Their head coach, Lee Pickerel, is one guy who is devoted to the sport, and more specifically, to the team. He will teach them as much as he can, train them and then teach them again. His goal is to make Glossop RUFC a major club in the country, and consequently, in the world. His efforts can be seen since, in the latest team results, the team is in the leading position.

Those who love sports, and especially locals who live to be part of something bigger than themselves alone, are urged to contribute to the community, and one way to do this is by sponsoring the team. A couple of companies have been assigned as sponsors, and this has helped the team move on a step further. They have provided them with the team jersey, a pay out for the coach, and even a little something for the players to add to their motivation.