Rugby is fun to watch when players get knocked down and rise back up during the game. Glossop RUFC team 1XV players use their physical power and strength to make tries as they represent their families and friends. Unlike the players, physical strength is not a must-have trait for rugby fans. We, therefore, may not understand the rugby training process. We are just regular fans who want to be in the seat with the guys and watch the game while the rugby players have to work hard to give their best during the game. However, their form and ability are not dependent upon physical strength alone as most fans believe, but in their desire, willingness, and passion also counts.

One team that has tested the inspiration of Rugby players through training is the Glossop Rugby Union Football team. Its players are good not just as rugby players but as professional players too. The team coach, Lee Pickerel, has devoted his life to train the team twice every week between 7: 00 pm and 8:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Glossop Rugby Team Trains in two ways:

Training to gain strength

Bodybuilding helps build bigger muscles and needs nutrition. The primary focus of coach Lee pickerel is on the “show” and not “go.” Training is done in the gym to facilitate muscle growth and not to provide real strength. Muscle growth is important in reducing the risk of injuries during rugby matches which are common with the senior colts.

Training in the Field

We do not need the strength in the gym but in the field of play. Glossop’s senior players acquire a real-world strength that they can use in the field through training. One of the best training methods of Glossop is playing touch. It helps players to remain nimble after gaining strength from the gym. It also offsets the agility they lose when they lift heavy weight.