Rugby, like any other sport in the contemporary society, has grown quite rapidly. Starting well internationally in the 1950s, the sport has taken the imagination of the fans all over the world. The sport started in England where many would say, the sport was invented. As such, there are so many local clubs to be found in the country. Members of the clubs, the players, may not be full-time players but they give their all to the club.

A good example of this would be the Glossop Rugby Football club. This club is located in Charlesworth, Derbyshire in England. Records show that the club has existed for quite some time now, more than a hundred years actually. The earliest known records of the club are from 1889. At this time, the club was doing quite well for itself. Between 1889 and 1890, the club played 28 games and during this time, it won 20 games, saw two draws and then lost six.

It went dormant after the 1890s but then was revived again in the 1960s. There were so many people who went into training with them and the club went on growing slowly, winning more games than it lost. The latest results of the club show the work done by their head coach. They played their last game in April 2017 where they recorded three wins out of the five games they played, with one loss and one draw. They won with quite a huge margin, especially one game against the Widnes RUFC, where the score was 70-13.

A brief interview with the coach says that the players prepare thoroughly for every game. Point to note is that they do not practice specifically for an upcoming match, but to make themselves better, a trick that should be followed by other clubs.