So many events have been organised in the recent past with respect to rugby. In more than one country, unions and events are taking place where people go, watch and cheer as the game of rugby continues. It is safe to say that, in certain countries, not every member of the team is a fan of the game. Some are there to be with their friends who love to watch the game. This is what has contributed to the game’s rapid growth with so many local teams.

England is just one of the countries where there are many local rugby clubs, Glossop being one of them. Many people have given their entire life to the game, even though it was a leisure activity, they needed the thrill that came with hustle and bustle of the tackle in the field. Some of the players in this club have other jobs, meaning they are only here part-time. This means a lot of sacrifice on time and energy because, after a whole day’s work, one is normally tired. They, however, go for practice for the love of it.

The hard work shown by the players, which can be seen in their performance, has attracted many people who offer to be sponsors of the club. This club has an outstanding number of sponsors, adding up to 21 sponsors. Some these sponsors are:

  • Direct Filler Supply
  • Bridge Louvre
  • Premier Brickwork
  • Paintmaster
  • Event Monsters
  • Amdec Forklifts

These are just a few of the big names that have taken Glossop to where it is now. They have offered their money to help grow the team, take it international, and invested in marketing to make the club more popular with the masses. A good example is where they played against Manchester RUFC, a club that, just as the name suggests, is out of town, in Manchester. And if you love supporting England, make sure you do during the Unibet Euro 2020 football championship, even though football may not be your main thing.